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Blogger Poll – Add to Blog Post

Over on the BloggerTricks Forums, John Cena asked If it was possible, & how to add a Blogger Widget Poll to a Blog Post. The short answer is yes, it is possible to add a Blogger (Widget based) Poll to a Blogger Post, you'll have to work with some basic HTML.

1) Create a "Blogger Widget Poll" inside your sidebar, just like you've done before. Make sure to give it an easy to find/remember Title.

2) After the Blogger Widget Poll, is added to your sidebar, visit your blogs HomePage in your Browser (I'm working with Internet Explorer as my Browser).

3) After you have your HomePage loaded into your Browser window, Go to the top Toolbar & View/Source (of your blogs Homepage) HTML.

4) In a text editor (Windows Notepad) etc... Find/Search for the Title to your new Polls Title.

5) Copy (Right Click/Copy) the HTML Code that looks similar to the code below:

6) Paste your new Polls HTML into your Blogger Post/Article.

7) After you get the Blogger Widget HTML, you can go ahead & delete the Blogger Widget Poll, from your Sidebar, we only needed that to get the HTML source code.

The actual Poll is inside an Iframe, I also added bit of HTML code to prevent the Poll from adding a scrollbar to the Poll, I didn’t like the way it looks witha scrollbar on the Poll inside a Blog Post, so this is just an option, to remove scrollbars, after the (height="275") add this code (scrolling="no").

Once you have the Polls HTML Code, you can change a few things to make it look better in your Blog Post, for example, Blogger sets the default width of a Blogger Poll to 100%, If you want to add a Poll to a Post/Article I think it would look better as a fixed number (example: width:275), the same goes for the Poll Height, Iframe border etc...

This is the first time I've tried this, deleting a Poll & still keep the HTML, so I want to thank John Cena for the idea.

Below is a working example of a Blogger Widget Poll, inserted in a Blogger Blog Post.


How do you like my blog?

dxf file


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