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CncZone – Share Your Part or Art is the largest diy cnc forum on the internet.

I can’t say enough good things to do the website justice. I’ve been a member to the forums since April 2005, & have learned something every day that I visit the forums.

My personal favorite forum is Share Your Part or Art, & from the looks of almost 1 million page views, it’s also popular with a few other folks.share1

One thing that CncZone allows the members is the ability to add attachments (images, dxf files, etc…), this is what attracts a lot of members to the Share Your Part or Art, forum. The forum is more than just trading dxf files, everyone brings something to offer in so many creative ways, it’s just great to see how many ways cnc projects can be created.

Today I’m going to share something that’s related to the CncZone links above. If you have ever visited the forum, you’ll notice that between most files is a lot of great conversation between CncZone members, but did you know that CncZone has an option to view only the attached files & images in each forum post, all in a single web page?

The way to find all the related files is to:
  1. Login to
  2. Go to the General Machining Discussion
  3. Click on the small Paper Clip icon (below Rating)

Or, If you prefer a direct link to all the attached files, you can click here.

Most web browser also allow you to search a web page, for keywords, such as “DXF

The purpose of this blog post, isn’t to direct anyone away from the forums, it’s purpose is to help you narrow down a specific file. By joining in the forum conversations, we all learn something new.

Do you have any CncZone, tips or tricks (comment below)?

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Sketchup 7 - Export 3D DXF Models (FREE)

I'm new to Sketchup so I'm not really sure If this is new to anyone else. I found a plugin that looks like it has been around since March 13th, 2008 ( Convert Sketchup SKP files to DXF or STL ). sketchup7dxf

Like the link above reads, it's a plugin that will allow you to export a 3D DXF file, I had this up & running in less than an hour, that includes downloading Sketchup 7, installing the plugin, & exporting the 3D DXF (attached below).

I started out with a DXF file from my blog ( Design 203 ), it's a simple 2D file that I created with Inkscape 0.46. I open Design 203 (dxf) into Sketchup 7, export the 3D model with the plugin, now I have a 3D model.

This was really just a simple test, next I'll see If I can get some texture added, to the face of the 3D model, and maybe some rounded edges.

I couldn't believe how easy this was, to work with inside of Sketchup 7.

Download DXF

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Google – DXF / PDF Search Trick

Have you ever wanted to search for a specific type of file with a Google search?

It’s actually very easy to search out file types. Let’s say we want to search for only DXF files:

  1. Go to Google google DXF
  2. Add this line to the search box ( filetype:dxf )

Your not limited to only DXF files, any file type extension should return search results, all that’s needed to search for a file type is as simple as changing the end of the search string, for example, If we want to search for PDF files, our search string would look like this, ( filetype:pdf ).

Now that's all good that we can search out a specific file type, say we want to search for a pdf file with a specific keyword, example we need to find all the pdf files that include the keyword “CNC”, we can use the same search string as we used in our last pdf Google search, all we need to do is add our keyword:

  1. “CNC” ( cnc filetype:pdf )

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A9Converter – DXF Version Converter

Have you ever needed to convert a DXF file to another DXF version?

The folks over at A9Tech have a free program that will do all this:

  • Standalone converter. No AutoCAD installation is required. a9tech1
  • Convert DWG to DXF.
  • Convert DXF to DWG.
  • Perform version conversion among DWG files.
  • Perform version conversion among DXF files.
  • Read AutoCAD R2.5, R2.6, R9, R10, R13, R14, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 & 2006.
  • Write AutoCAD R10, R13, R14, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 & 2006.
  • Support drag-and-drop batch processing.

    The program works great.

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    CamBam – Convert Font to DXF

    "CamBam [Beta 0.8] Rel 2"

    1) Open CamBam (this will start a new project)

    2) "Insert / Text" (this will do 2 things, first it will add text to the drawing area/window by default the text is "Hello World!", second it will add info to the "Properties Pane" (bottom Left side of the CamBam program), you can drag the "Properties Pane" to make it easier to see all the info (Font, Text, etc...)) cambam FONT

    3) Make sure the "Text Icon" is selected in the upper Left side of the "Properties Pane Tree" (it should be selected already, when we selected to add text to the project)

    4) In the "Properties Pane", scroll down and click on the word "Text", this will show a small box to the far left of that line in the text "Properties Pane", a small window will open, enter the text you want (example text = Howdy), then click "OK" to close the small text window, this should change the text in the main drawing area/window (example text = Howdy)

    5) In the "Properties Pane", scroll down and click on the word "Font", this will show a small arrow pointing down, press the small arrow, & select a font that you want to use in your project (the small arrow, should show all the fonts installed on your specific PC)

    6) "Edit / Select All" (this should select all of the text, in the drawing area/window)

    7) "Edit / Polylines / Convert to Polylines"

    8) "File ' Export DXF" (a "Save As" windows prompt will open, select the location on your PC that you want the new DXF file to be saved to (desktop, etc...)) Press the "Save" button


    To convert a font to a single line font/dxf, just skip the "Polyline" part above.

    Download DXF

    dxf file

    Playlist - Get Your Groove On

    If you are looking for free music, has you covered, don’t have the budget to buy mp3's, well here’s a great deal that looks to be the Google of music .

    So just how do they get away with all this free music? Well it's a smart play on the Google music search, the way it works is, you signup at with a free account. Then it’s as simple as searching for your favorite songs, with a click of a button the free mp3 is added to your playlist. The songs are never hosted on any of the servers, the URL’s point all over the internet, just the same as google shows you all the web pages the net has to offer, points you to all the mp3 files.

    Have a website or blog? Take the playlist html code & add it to your site, very simple, smart, & cool, best of all is FREE!

    dxf file

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