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Google – DXF / PDF Search Trick

Have you ever wanted to search for a specific type of file with a Google search?

It’s actually very easy to search out file types. Let’s say we want to search for only DXF files:

  1. Go to Google google DXF
  2. Add this line to the search box ( filetype:dxf )

Your not limited to only DXF files, any file type extension should return search results, all that’s needed to search for a file type is as simple as changing the end of the search string, for example, If we want to search for PDF files, our search string would look like this, ( filetype:pdf ).

Now that's all good that we can search out a specific file type, say we want to search for a pdf file with a specific keyword, example we need to find all the pdf files that include the keyword “CNC”, we can use the same search string as we used in our last pdf Google search, all we need to do is add our keyword:

  1. “CNC” ( cnc filetype:pdf )

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