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CncZone – Share Your Part or Art is the largest diy cnc forum on the internet.

I can’t say enough good things to do the website justice. I’ve been a member to the forums since April 2005, & have learned something every day that I visit the forums.

My personal favorite forum is Share Your Part or Art, & from the looks of almost 1 million page views, it’s also popular with a few other folks.share1

One thing that CncZone allows the members is the ability to add attachments (images, dxf files, etc…), this is what attracts a lot of members to the Share Your Part or Art, forum. The forum is more than just trading dxf files, everyone brings something to offer in so many creative ways, it’s just great to see how many ways cnc projects can be created.

Today I’m going to share something that’s related to the CncZone links above. If you have ever visited the forum, you’ll notice that between most files is a lot of great conversation between CncZone members, but did you know that CncZone has an option to view only the attached files & images in each forum post, all in a single web page?

The way to find all the related files is to:
  1. Login to
  2. Go to the General Machining Discussion
  3. Click on the small Paper Clip icon (below Rating)

Or, If you prefer a direct link to all the attached files, you can click here.

Most web browser also allow you to search a web page, for keywords, such as “DXF

The purpose of this blog post, isn’t to direct anyone away from the forums, it’s purpose is to help you narrow down a specific file. By joining in the forum conversations, we all learn something new.

Do you have any CncZone, tips or tricks (comment below)?

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