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Blogger Ad Code Converter

Have you ever wanted to add Google Adsense code inside your Blogger Template, & found it’s not a simple copy & paste job?

Well, now your in luck!

I built a Google Widget that will allow you to convert Google Adsense code into Blogger xhtml code, & not only that, you can also add the Blogger Code Converter to your webpage or blog, since it’s a Google Widget.

The code converter is simple to use:BloggerCode

  • Copy the code you want to convert (Right click – Copy)
  • Paste that code into the code converter textbox (Right click – Paste)
  • Press the button at the bottom of the widget “Convert Code
  • (Right click – Select All) of the converted code in the Code Converter textbox
  • (Right click – Copy) the converted code in the Code Converter textbox
  • Paste the newly converted code into your Blogger template, etc…

I’ve added the New Google Code Converter to my sidebar, on the lower right side. The Code Converter size can be adjusted, when you go to get the code from the Google button below.


It’s up to anyone that uses this widget to double check the Google Code Converter Widget code, for any mistakes, I’ve been working with this for a while, with no problems. Please let me know of any issues or suggestions you might have, with this widget, by adding comments below.

You can click on the Google button below to add this Widget to your own blog.

Blogger Code Converter Widget

dxf file


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