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Blogger – Feedburner in Google Images

Blogger & Feedburner are both great Google products. Did you know Feedburner images, posted on Blogger, will show up in Google Images, as a Feedburner .GIF image?feedburner

I actually found this out by searching for one of my blog post Titles, to see what images are showing up on Google Images.

This will only work If you already have a Feedburner account setup, & have the Feedurner image posted on your Blogger site.

So If you already have the Feedburner Feed on your blog, try this:

  • Go to Google Images
  • Search for one of your Blogger post Titles & only the name of your blog (example:SoSwitcher) not the end (example:
  • My Google Image search looks like this “Blogger Ad Code Converter soswitcher
  • Below is the result image from my search , it’s not an active URL, just the image.

Something else that is cool, the above image will always be updated with the newest content from my blog, since it’s an animated .GIF, while it still shows on Google Images.

What’s funny is, my search results show more links pointing to bloggertricks, than my own blog (lol).

This might not look like a big deal, having a single image on the net, the way I see it, every little bit helps a future visitor find my blog. :)


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