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Host Javascript File for Free

If you have ever downloaded a Free Blogger template or Widget, you might find that it includes javascript files that link to the blog designers website, or file sharing site. It’s never a good idea as a long term blogger to leave any external links in your blog template that you don’t have control over. The reason you always need to control your templates links:

Host Javascript jscript java js

  • Blog Designers site goes down
  • Blog Designers site bandwidth has reached it’s maximum limit
  • As a Blog Designer you might be hosting your personal site javascript files on the very same account, that your Free Blogger Templates javascript files are hosted, so If you have 1,000 free downloaded templates floating around cyber space, and none of them change the javascript URL, they are all pulling bandwidth from your personal javascript site host.

Bottom line is, control is everything, nobody likes a broken blog.

Below is an easy & Free way to host javascript files on your very own Free Google website:

1) Sign up for a Free Google Sites website

2) Create a new Google Sites webpage

3) Get the URL/link of the javascript that is hard coded into your New Blogger template (example: http://www.YourWebsite/YourNewJavascriptFile.js )

4) Download the javascript file to your local PC

5) Open the javascript file in a text editor (Microsoft Notepad, etc…)

6) Save the javascript text file as a regular text file, so our example file in the above URL will look like this: (example: YourNewJavascriptFile.txt )

7) Upload the New Text file to your Google Sites website

8) Right click & Copy Shortcut - on your New uploaded .txt file on your Google webpage, & get the URL/link (example: )

NOTE: I always leave off the very end of the URL, we don't need (?attredirects=0)

9) Right click Paste the new URL/Link into your Blogger template

You now know how to host javascript files on your own Free website, not to mention Google is great about keeping their servers running at 99.99% of the time.

A word of advice, Google once had a Free website hosting a while back, Google has since shut down new members to the first Free website, so grab a free site while you can, you never know If they will stop new members from the second Free websites (Google Sites). Also the old members still have active Google websites, just no new members, get them while you can, you never know when you’ll need it to host files.

The right sidebar includes a working example of how I’m hosting a “Recent Post Thumbnails Widget for Blogger” javascript file on my own Google Site, to prevent any future broken links.

The video below, will show how to get the URL from a Google Sites webpage.

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