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The last time I checked Google Blog Search, I found 604,632,067 search results for the word “blogspot”. Now that’s a lot of Blogger blogs out in cyber space.

I got to thinking about other bloggers that use the Blogger platform to host their blogs, but more specific, I was wanting to know If I could find any bloggers in my own town, you know geographically close to me.

What I found…

It’s actually very easy to find all the bloggers that host their blogs on a Blogspot domain, & are in the same town or at least very close to you. In the example below, I’ll look for all the Blogger members that are located in Bismark, North Dakota

  2. Here are the search results for the above URL

To find your own town/location change the text in red, If you state or town has two parts to it’s name (example:North Dakota) you will need to add a plus sign between the words, like I have done in the example link above.

You should also know that this only works on members that have filled out their Blogger Profile page. The example URL is also based on a search in the USA, If you have another country you would like to find, you can fill out the location of your profile page, in your blogspot profile. Once your blogspot profile location is completed you can right click/properties on the locations link to get the code for the country your in. Then just change the town, etc… to something close to your own location, If nothing shows up for your own town.

It’s kind of fun to see If you can find anyone you know in person, good luck with your search & have fun. :)

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