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A Blogger Blog List is a gadget that will list your favorite blogs. Blogger Blog List gadgets can also be used as a simple blogger seo tool. My Blogger Blog List Gadget is at the bottom left side of my blog, it’s a short list of outgoing links, to my favorite blogs. What looks like any other gadget, is by all means an interesting gadget.

Here’s why!

I’m always tweaking my blog (who isn’t, right? lol), most times tweaking the template. What I found was, while researching some of my blog post Titles in Google search, was that my Blogger Blog List was also showing up in my search results page.

You might think, well so how is that a good thing or why does it matter at all? When one of my favorite blogs post a new blog post on their blog, what happens is, their RSS will update the Blogger Blog List gadget at the bottom of my blog (stay with me).

Here is when the magic happens.

When Google crawls my blog, looking for new content, well guess what I haven't made a blog post in a week, no fear, one of my friends in my Blogger Blog List made a new post on their blog. Google looks at my blog while still crawling & see’s that BINGO my Blogger Blog List has new content. That’s right, Google see’s new content! So what If I didn’t post anything new in the last week, the Google spider found something that’s changed on my blog.

So what does all this mean?

The Blogger Blog List gadget will let you piggyback on the shoulders of your friends new blog post, & not only that, you get search engine optimization for FREE, so what it’s not keyword specific to any of your blog post, what matters here is, your getting your own blog post messages ranking in a new way.

Below are some of my own examples, from my Blogger Blog List:

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Blogger Blog List How 1

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So, have you noticed your Blogger Blog List showing up in your Google search?

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