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Bing – Marketing Ka-Ching!

Bing Search PageI was reading this article today on MSN, that ask the reader If they should save or pay down debt? While reading this short blog style article, I noticed that starting in the second paragraph, the writer started embedding search strings for the new Bing search engine from Microsoft.

Microsoft, what a clever company it is…

What makes Microsoft so clever in this article, isn’t the article itself, it’s the long list of URLs that move the reader from the article to Bing search results pages.

What’s so clever about the way they are moving traffic away from this article, you say? Isn’t it just an average article with URLs, that just happen to be pointing to a search page? No, no my friend this is internet marketing at it’s best.

Search page marketing…

This article is setup to drive traffic to Bing. While the author of this article moves readers to a premade search string on Bing that will find higher paying strong Microsoft keyword Ads.

It looks like Microsoft is building their new Bing search engine, with the help of a small army of bloggers, embedding all their blog style articles with premade Bing search pages.

Bottom line is, everyone has an exit point on every webpage, with this technique Microsoft is moving their traffic to position readers in front of higher paying Ads.

Microsoft, very clever indeed…

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