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Search Google - for Music

Google is great for searching out webpages, but did you know Google will search for music, video, or just about any type of media? I’ve used the search string hacks for a couple of years now, to find mp3 music. That’s all fine & dandy, the problem is all those long search strings start getting annoying after a while.musicsearch

So anyway, a while back I was doing a Google mp3 search, & came across a site that will let you enter only the info you really care about (song title, etc…), at first I thought hey this is kinda cool, then I got to searching & thought hey this is GREAT!

Why is so great, well first, after you do a music search, you get the usual looking Google search results, here’s the kicker, at the bottom of each search result is a link “scan for music”, what this does is scan the search links for mp3 files, without ever leaving the search results page, then displays the results in the same search results page, & provides all the mp3 download links, all without ever leaving the search results page, now that’s cool!

Google does not own the music search site, they only provide search results.

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